Medieval Town progress

For a study project I am working on a Medieval Town created in UE4 build with the help of Maya and Substance Designer. I have made quite some progress, especially the last couple weeks. The idea is to keep the entire medieval town within a square grid, which allows shapes to fit and work together easily. You can go outside the grid, it is not a must. This project in UE4 allows users to quickly create a medieval town with ease. I was messing with the roof shapes to come up with various ideas and shapes, eventually I just kept this really simple (creating 3 types of roofs, shallow, normal, steep). You will see the progress in a couple weeks, if you still follow this page ofcourse.


The building blocks are really easy to fit within the grid, the main focus is to make them as interesting as possible. Substance is a tool which I unfortunately only have followed a basic tutorial for, long time ago. I have a pretty good idea what I can do with it and understand (more or less) how it works, I just have to start messing with the tool, figure things out, follow tutorials, aka LEARN. In a later stage (early June) I want to be done with a simple build tool that works with the grid. Shouldn't be all too hard, not going to spend more than 2 weeks on this.  Within the next couple weeks I should have my core building blocks done and textured and the weeks after that the project should be done.


The deadline is June 25th, '18. So far, so good!