Signage - How it is made:

(PS. Sorry the video is a bit dry, no talking, no music)

This system, that allows you to change the sign textures (the text on the sign, the background, outline, etc.) in detail and also how damaged the signage is (causing the sign to flikker off and on again in various patterns).

It was a lot of fun to make, learned a lot! If I would make it again, I would use UE4 to make it more dynamic and easy control with buttons, including a "random-sign" button, to make it easier for the world builders or anybody with basic knowledge of UE4.

Various 3D models:

I'm happy with how the windows worked out on the building, giving a nice office building feel.

(Building looks a bit different ingame, mainly because the signage was added).

Main building:

Signage & Props:

I'm quite happy with the shapes, texture wise: back then I still had a lot to learn.

Concept Art:

Some Quick Concepts.

Tokyo Game Show 2016

People liked the game during TGS '16, I mean, it's giant robots fighting each other, what's not to like :)

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