I am working alone on a modular medieval town for a (20-week) study project. The image here on the left shows the visual direction (images found on google) I want the town to go to. The top left is the core inspiration for this project.

I am mainly working with UE4, Maya and Substance Designer / Painter.

Concepts created

This image on the left: Is a concept I made for this project and set as a reference image within Maya.


The grid within Photoshop, Maya and UE4 are all set to the same size. This works really well.


Created various shapes and a block out to see what works and fits within the grid.

What is next?

20 May, '18:
Core building blocks modeled and textured

3D models:

-> Various walls types

    -> With windows, doors, etc.
-> Various roof types
-> Full building blocks

Substance materials:

-> Concrete / stone material

-> Roof material

-> Wood material

-> Window, door, prop materials