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After a short contact with Chong Fei Giap ( a Concept Artist from Malaysian for approval I started working on a level based on some of his art work with one of his work as the main inspiration, which can be seen in the moodboard.


This a solo study project, with the intend on learning, which is the main reason why most of level art if not finished (yet).


Art from the project is shown below. \/


Air Tram Model:

Quite happy with the model outcome, the texture I want to redo, for it was a bit rushed (as you can see).

Old version

Other 3D models and some of the concept art:

Created various models, relativly simple in shape and some quick concepts to figure out what I want to do with the level.

World Texture Roofs

Setting up world textures was surprisingly easy to setup and great for quick variation in roof textures.

Once I understood how to make world location textures I decided to take it a step further and made this procedural road that keeps track of its rotation so the texture rotates with the road.


Based on a concept art I managed to make this entire whitebox within a blocky grid.

I'm happy with the outcome.

( Streamed the project on Twitch: )